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The Best Way to Increase Your SAT/ACT Scores: The Blind Review Method

Updated: Jun 15

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Increasing your SAT/ACT scores can be a game-changer in your college application process. One of the most effective methods to achieve this is the Blind Review Method — an essential element of our tutoring program. This method, combined with real, past exams, sets us apart from our competitors. Here's an in-depth look at what the Blind Review Method is, why it works, and how you can use it to improve your scores.

What is the Blind Review Method?

The Blind Review Method is a strategic approach to test preparation that focuses on identifying and correcting mistakes without the immediate pressure of time constraints. It involves three key steps:

  1. In Pencil: Take the test under timed, testing conditions and circle any questions you're not 100% sure of or don’t get to.

  2. In Blue Pen: Before checking answers, go back and redo all circled problems with unlimited time, using a blue pen.

  3. In Red Pen: After Blind Review, grade both your initial test run (TR) scores and your Blind Review (BR) scores.

Why the Blind Review Method Works

The Blind Review Method works because it addresses two critical aspects of test preparation:

  • Accuracy: By revisiting uncertain questions without time pressure, you can better understand the reasoning behind the correct answers. This helps reduce careless mistakes and solidify your understanding of difficult concepts.

  • Confidence: This method builds your confidence by highlighting areas where you can improve. Knowing that you can solve the problems correctly with more time reassures you that with practice, you can achieve similar results under timed conditions.

How to Use the Blind Review Method

Here’s a step-by-step guide to effectively using the Blind Review Method:

  1. Simulate Test Conditions: Take each section of the practice exam as you normally would under timed, exam-like conditions. Circle any questions you're not 100% sure about or don't get to because you run out of time. For example, if you're 99% sure the answer to question 14 is A but there's a 1% chance it could be C, circle it.

  2. Conduct the Blind Review:

  • Before checking the answer key, get a blue pen and spend as much time as needed on each circled question. Try to figure out the correct answer and understand why it is the answer.

  • This step helps you identify gaps in your knowledge and reinforces your understanding.

  1. Grade Your Exam:

  • Use a red pen to grade your answers. First, total your initial test run (TR) score, which is based on your answers in pencil.

  • Then, highlight any answers corrected during your Blind Review in blue pen and calculate your Blind Review (BR) score.

  • Keep track of both scores to monitor your progress.

  1. Review with a Tutor: Bring your TR score and BR score to your tutoring session each week. This helps your tutor understand your areas of improvement and tailor the sessions to address your specific needs.

By integrating the Blind Review Method into your SAT/ACT preparation, you can significantly enhance your understanding and performance. This method not only helps you identify and correct mistakes but also builds your confidence, ensuring you're well-prepared for test day.

For more tips and personalized tutoring services, visit our Resource Center or contact us today!

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